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08. June 2017

Buehler at the IFHTSE Congress 2017
Buehler Demonstrates Innovations in Sample Preparation and Hardness Testing

At the IFHTSE Congress 2017 Buehler ITW Test & Measurement will be presenting new and enhanced products for sample preparation and fully automatic hardness measurement. Exhibits will include the new IsoMet® High Speed precision cutter along with SimpliMet™ 4000 mounting presses and the Wilson® VH3300 hardness tester. © ITW Test & Measurement GmbH


One of the highlights at the IFHTSE Congress 2017 will be the new IsoMet™ High Speed bench-top precision cutters. These cutters are designed to section quickly, accurately and with high repeatability virtually any material from brittle or ductile materials right up to composites, ceramics and electronic components and biomaterials. © ITW Test & Measurement GmbH


Esslingen/Germany, June 2017 – At the IFHTSE Congress 2017 to be held in Nice/France from 26 – 29 June, 2017, Buehler ITW Test & Measurement ( will be presenting at its Booths 48 – 50 new and improved products from its extensive portfolio of equipment and consumables, from sample preparation to actual hardness measurement.  

New benchtop precision cutters 
A major point of interest at the show will be the new IsoMet™ High Speed precision cutters. Equipped with abrasive or diamond blades, these cutters section virtually any material from brittle or ductile metals through composites, ceramics and plastics right up to electronic components and biomaterials. Their outstanding features are high efficiency, a powerful motor and a highly precise and repeatable cutting action, even for delicate samples. The SmartCut™ automatic cutter feed was developed to minimize damage to the sample and to the cutter, resulting in an optimized sectioning process for all materials. Users moreover benefit from a clearly structured user interface and quick sample fastening. IsoMet™ High Speed models are therefore particularly suited to busy laboratories requiring highest quality standards.

Hardness and micro-hardness test systems 
Further exhibits will be the ergonomically optimized Series VH1100 hardness testers, available with varying levels of automation, and the DiaMet™ universal hardness testing software. Like the Series VH1100, the Wilson® VH3300 micro-hardness testers also provide for high degrees of automation. 

Fast, reliable mounting 
In addition, Buehler will be showcasing its fast and reliable SimpliMet™ 4000 mounting press for mounting of samples prior to grinding and polishing, designed specifically for demanding industrial applications. A novelty at the IFHTSE Congress 2017 will be the fast-curing EpoKwick™ FC mounting compound, developed by Buehler to provide maximum quality in the preparation of materialographic samples. Curing within just two hours at ambient temperature, EpoKwick™ ensures that mounted samples are available for the next step in the process within the shortest possible time. 

Further exhibits from the areas of grinding, polishing, sectioning and mounting of samples illustrate the breadth of Buehler's portfolio, covering applications from fundamental research right up to automated, process-related quality control. Buehler ITW Test & Measurement's product portfolio covers a variety of sectioning and precision sectioning machines adapted to specific applications, mounting presses with the associated epoxy and acrylic mounting compounds, grinding and polishing machines as well as Rockwell, Vickers/Knoop, Brinell and universal hardness testing systems.

Buehler – ITW Test & Measurement GmbH, Esslingen/Germany, has for 80 years been a leading manufacturer of instruments, consumables and accessories for materialography and materials analysis and also supplies a comprehensive range of hardness testers and hardness testing systems. A tight network of branch offices and dealers means our customers can depend on professional assistance and service around the world. The Buehler Solutions Center in Esslingen and further centers of this kind in Europe and elsewhere can offer all kinds of assistance with application questions or with devising reproducible preparation procedures.

Buehler is part of the Test and Measurement Segment of the US company Illinois Tool Works (ITW) with some 200 decentralized business units in 52 countries and around 45,000 employees.

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