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03. August 2017

HRSflow at Fakuma 2017: Hot runner solutions for complex challenges

HRSflow's presence at this year's Fakuma at booth 2217, hall A2 will focus on servo driven FLEXflow One hot runner technology which does not require an additional control unit during the injection process, and the new range of Full Compact Nozzles with a reduced constant external diameter over...[more]

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29. May 2017

HRSflow at Moulding Expo 2017 – Hall 6, Booth D41
HRSflow multicavities hot runner solutions

San Polo di Piave/Italy, May 2017 – At this year's Moulding Expo at Stuttgart/Germany, Italian hot runner specialist HRSflow ( will present a new family of hot runner solutions for multi-cavity molds on Booth D41 in Hall 6. The multicavity series is suitable for the large-scale...[more]

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11. April 2017

HRSflow offers a hot runner for well-balanced family molds: Producing high-quality chrome grille components in a single shot with FLEXflow

With its FLEXflow technology, Italian hot-runner specialist HRSflow has developed an innovative solution for the injection molding of high-quality parts primarily for the automotive industry. FLEXflow is a servo-driven, finely regulated valve gate system for hot-runner systems. The precise control...[more]

27. March 2017

New Hot Runner Solutions simplify the Injection Molding Process

Precision, versatility and confidence. HRSflow has developed two innovative solutions to optimize injection molding processing and at the same time simplify routine maintenance of hot runner systems: Pressure Block and Thread Safe Kit - compact and smart components to achieve great results.[more]

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20. January 2017

New hot runner nozzles for thin-wall and thick-wall applications

The Italian hot runner specialist HRSflow will present in its Multitech line – in which HRSflow has expanded hot runner solutions for multi-cavity molds – new hot runner nozzles of the MTR range, designed for both thin-wall and thick-wall injection molding processes. Additionally, the company will...[more]

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