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01. June 2017

Energy from Eucalyptus: A Task for Lindner’s Urraco 75

Spittal an der Drau/Austria, June 2017 – Udo Siebert, sales and service partner of Lindner Recyclingtech in Brazil, knows no better machine than Lindner’s all-rounder Urraco 75 to shred eucalyptus bark, which pulp and paper mills as well as wood panel producers in Brazil use to generate RDF to...[more]

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09. May 2017

New Sales Partner: Lindner-Recyclingtech Strengthens its Presence in Japan

Lindner-Recyclingtech, Austrian specialist for industrial shredding technology, has entered into a sales partnership with the renowned Japanese company Ryohshin Co. Ltd. in Toyama, thereby further strengthening its already extensive presence in the region. Ryohshin will assume responsibility for...[more]

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13. April 2017

With Lindner as System Partner – New RDF Plant Opened in Karlsruhe, Germany
ALBA Nordbaden invests in the single-stage shredding process – at the core of the new plant, a Lindner Recyclingtech Polaris 2800.

Karlsruhe/Germany and Spittal an der Drau/Austria, April 2017. Following a construction period of approximately four months ALBA Nordbaden GmbH, subsidiary of ALBA Group, put the new production line for refuse-derived fuel (RDF) from mixed construction and commercial waste into service on 11th...[more]

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09. March 2017

Turning post-consumer milk jugs into high-grade material: Lindner's tailor-made washing line displays convincing efficiency

Poly-Wood, based in Syracuse, IN/USA, a leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture made from recycled HDPE, is now also a highly efficient plastics recycler. At its production centre, Poly-Wood operates one of the most modern recycling plants for HDPE with systems from Lindner washTech. At the heart...[more]

14. February 2017

Technology from Lindner-Recyclingtech wins two Global CemFuels Awards in 2017

Technology from Lindner-Recyclingtech came away with two prizes at the recent Global CemFuels Awards 2017, which were presented on February 2 during the 11th Global CemFuels Conference and Exhibition in Barcelona. One of the awards went to Lindner itself in the category "Most Innovative Technology...[more]

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