22. August 2017

i-mold at Fakuma 2017: Space-saving gate inserts, hot runner nozzles and linear actuators; time-saving hot runner halves

At Fakuma 2017, i-mold presents new products for moldmakers that help to save both design space and time. Included in the company's exhibits are smaller tunnel gate inserts for low shot weights, hot runner nozzles for closer cavity spacings, easy-to-install "Fast Half" hot runner systems, and...[more]

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17. August 2017

Micromat HP: High-Performance Shredding for Plastics and Other Waste

With the shredder series Micromat HP – HP stands for High Performance – Lindner-Recyclingtech has added extremely efficient machines to their range of universal shredders for processing plastics and other waste. While the machine sizes and technology are the same as in the tried-and-tested Micromat...[more]

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16. August 2017

ELMET at Fakuma 2017: Drum identification with standard barcode maximizes operating safety in silicone injection molding

ELMET (www.elmet.com), an internationally operating system supplier for the injection molding of two-component liquid silicone rubbers (LSR), has introduced a standardized barcode system for drum labelling and recognition as an integral part of its TOP 5000 P dosing systems. This new identification...[more]

15. August 2017

BRUGGOLEN® TP-M1417: Modifies high viscosity polyamides to quality injection molding grades

With BRUGGOLEN® TP-M1417, BrüggemannChemical (www.brueggemann.com) is now offering compounders and producers the possibility to precisely adjust the relative viscosity of polyamides. This newly developed modifier thus allows the upcycling of high-viscosity polyamide scrap to produce quality...[more]

10. August 2017

Ettlinger at Fakuma 2017: Yet more melt filtration performance and quality

Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH, manufacturer of high performance melt filters and injection molding machines for high shot weights, will show a brand new generation of melt filters at the upcoming Fakuma 2017. The first few months of practical experience with pilot customers have confirmed an...[more]

03. August 2017

MTI at Powtech 2017: New laboratory mixer for the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries – Expanded R&D Center

At Powtech 2017, MTI Mischtechnik presents an all-new line of laboratory mixers developed for the pharmaceutical and foodstuffs sectors. The design corresponds to these industries' very exacting hygiene requirements; the systems can nevertheless be flexibly adapted to the special needs of diverse...[more]

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03. August 2017

HRSflow at Fakuma 2017: Hot runner solutions for complex challenges

HRSflow's presence at this year's Fakuma at booth 2217, hall A2 will focus on servo driven FLEXflow One hot runner technology which does not require an additional control unit during the injection process, and the new range of Full Compact Nozzles with a reduced constant external diameter over...[more]

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19. July 2017

Coperion K-Tron supplies feeding systems for continuous production at Pfizer Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH

Stuttgart, July 2017 – Coperion K-Tron Niederlenz, Switzerland, has supplied two feeding systems comprising five feeders each to Pfizer Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH in Freiburg, Germany, as part of a project to expand their existing plant and switch to continuous production.[more]

17. July 2017

New Mach 500 waterjet cutting system from Flow now available in Europe: a quantum leap in reliability and productivity

WEITERSTADT, Germany, July 2017 – Flow International Corporation, the world's leading developer and manufacturer of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet machines for cutting applications, announced today the release of the Mach 500 in Europe, an entirely new waterjet system marking the arrival of a new...[more]

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05. July 2017

Coperion supplies IonPhasE Oy with a complete system for processing antistatic polymers

Stuttgart, July 2017 – Coperion GmbH, Stuttgart, has implemented a complete system for IonPhasE Oy for the manufacture of inherently dissipative polymers (IDP).[more]

29. June 2017

Lindner Recyclingtech’s Micromat 2000 shreds confidential information beyond recognition

To destroy confidential documents, most of them containing personal, medical or financial data, Russell Richardson, a leading UK company in the field of secure document management, has been operating a Lindner Micromat 2000 single-shaft shredder since 2015, which complies with the specifications...[more]

27. June 2017

Ultrasonic welding in medical technology
Rinco Ultrasonics' Electrical Motion welding machine meets the most stringent requirements for precision, traceability and cleanliness

Romanshorn, Switzerland, June 2017 – The Electrical Motion ultrasonic welding machine (working frequency 20 kHz) from Rinco Ultrasonics, the Swiss ultrasonic welding specialist, meets the demanding requirements for tight tolerances, traceability and hygiene which are typical of medical technology....[more]

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08. June 2017

Buehler at the IFHTSE Congress 2017
Buehler Demonstrates Innovations in Sample Preparation and Hardness Testing

At the IFHTSE Congress 2017 to be held in Nice/France from 26 – 29 June, 2017, Buehler ITW Test & Measurement (www.buehler.com) will be presenting at its Booths 48 – 50 new and improved products from its extensive portfolio of equipment and consumables, from sample preparation to actual hardness...[more]

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01. June 2017

Easy-fit fastening solutions fix cable protection securely but gently to cobot arms

In day-to-day practice, cables and lines are often fastened in a somewhat makeshift manner with cable ties to the round, smooth arms of "cobots" (robots which collaborate with humans without additional protection). Two new REIKU multipurpose fastening systems designed for different load levels now...[more]

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01. June 2017

Energy from Eucalyptus: A Task for Lindner’s Urraco 75

Spittal an der Drau/Austria, June 2017 – Udo Siebert, sales and service partner of Lindner Recyclingtech in Brazil, knows no better machine than Lindner’s all-rounder Urraco 75 to shred eucalyptus bark, which pulp and paper mills as well as wood panel producers in Brazil use to generate RDF to...[more]

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29. May 2017

HRSflow at Moulding Expo 2017 – Hall 6, Booth D41
HRSflow multicavities hot runner solutions

San Polo di Piave/Italy, May 2017 – At this year's Moulding Expo at Stuttgart/Germany, Italian hot runner specialist HRSflow (www.hrsflow.com) will present a new family of hot runner solutions for multi-cavity molds on Booth D41 in Hall 6. The multicavity series is suitable for the large-scale...[more]

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09. May 2017

New Sales Partner: Lindner-Recyclingtech Strengthens its Presence in Japan

Lindner-Recyclingtech, Austrian specialist for industrial shredding technology, has entered into a sales partnership with the renowned Japanese company Ryohshin Co. Ltd. in Toyama, thereby further strengthening its already extensive presence in the region. Ryohshin will assume responsibility for...[more]

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05. May 2017

ILLIG at Interpack 2017: ILLIG is benefiting significantly from strong non-European markets and continues to expand its service

Interpack, Düsseldorf, the international leading trade fair, has always been a useful indicator for the current economic situation and the mood in the packaging sector. For Karl Schäuble, Managing Director of ILLIG, the Heilbronn based manufacturer of thermoforming machines, this is a recurring...[more]

05. May 2017

ILLIG at Interpack 2017: IML Decoration of Thermoformed Packs on ILLIG FSL 48 Form, Fill and Seal Line

At this year's Interpack ILLIG; the systems provider for thermoforming solutions, will be presenting its thermoforming lines in their latest stage of development customized for the demands of the food and dairy industries. In focus will be the FSL 48 form, fill and seal line with multi-lane filler...[more]

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-1    Image 3 2017-0108 ILLIG Interpack FSL48 (Size: 1.3 M, Type: jpg)
05. May 2017

ILLIG at Interpack 2017: ILLIG Pactivity: 360° Custom-made Packaging Development in Thermoforming

At this year's Interpack, Düsseldorf, May 4 – 10, ILLIG; the systems provider for thermoforming solutions, will be presenting for the first time its new „Pactivity“ business sector for packaging development. Pactivity is a combination of Packaging and Activity. The machine manufacturer will...[more]